Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Installation

There are many ways that homeowners can benefit with smart home technology. Overall, it can make your life easier while adding energy
efficiency and security.

Some specific ways you can monitor and control various aspects of your home remotely and with a touch of your finger includes:

Thermostat adjustment

Security cameras




Smart homes are also more energy efficient by allowing thermostats to adjust to homeowners’ personal habits and not utilizing extensive
cooling or heating when people are not home.

Homeowners can receive security alerts, view live footage and even remotely lock doors from afar to make their homes safer. Smart
camera/doorbells allow you to be on top of what’s happening at your entrance whether home or far away.

Smart lighting systems offer customizable lighting scenarios, energy efficiency, and the ability to control lights remotely. Some systems can
adjust lighting color temperature to match circadian rhythms, promoting better sleep patterns.

Implementing smart home features can potentially increase the resale value of a home. Many homebuyers are attracted to properties with
integrated smart technologies for the added convenience and energy savings.

Lucci Electric can help implement your smart home needs with years of experience and partnerships with some of the leading suppliers of
smart home technologies.

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