Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Service

Landscape Lighting is a key component of your home’s curb appeal and can add to the value of your home if done correctly.

Landscape Lighting FAQ

1. What is landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is the use of outdoor lights and fixtures to enhance and showcase the outside of your home, architectural features, plantings, and gardens. Landscape lighting also lights pathways and outdoor areas.

2. What are different types of landscape lighting?

-Path Lights: Placed along walkways and driveways to illuminate paths and guide people safely.
-Spotlights: Used to highlight specific focal points like trees, architectural details, or outdoor art.
-Floodlights: Provide broad illumination over larger areas, often used for security or to highlight expansive features.
-Well Lights: Installed flush with the ground to illuminate objects from below, such as trees or architectural elements.
-Deck and Step Lights: Mounted on or recessed into decks or stairs to enhance safety and visibility.
-String Lights: Strings of lights suspended across outdoor spaces for a decorative and ambient effect.

3. Why is it important to utilize a professional electrician for landscape lighting?

-A professional electrician will take into consideration all the different elements of landscape lighting including the objectives, design, safety, and longevity. Quality and longevity of bulbs and properly protecting wires and connections are of utmost concern,

4. What are the steps to doing landscape lighting properly?

Think about what you want to accomplish and discuss with the experts at Lucci Electric. They will be able to design a plan and bring your home and outdoor space to life in a beautiful, practical, and efficient way.