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The Nest Pro Thermostat

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The Nest Pro Thermostat

Do you worry about getting the right level of heating and cooling when you are away?

Whether you are traveling for the holidays, a long weekend or the winter or summer months, a Nest thermostat just might be the answer to keeping a check on your heat and air conditioning while away or out of town.

Today’s improved technology allows you to keep track of your thermostat from your Smartphone or Tablet, insuring that it’s operating in the most cost efficient and effective way.

In the past, the best way to save energy at home was with a programmable thermostat. Now with improved technology, the NEST thermostat provides a more advanced solution to your heating and cooling needs. Said simply, the new NEST thermostat can save you money and simplify your life by optimizing your heat and air-conditioning.  It adjusts to the right temperature that you have been doing manually regardless of where you are.  How does it do that?

The NEST is a learning thermostat.  Once installed and used for a few days it will acquire the temperatures at the times you prefer and start to activate those heating and cooling requests. Connected to your home or office WIFI it’s that simple. Control NEST with  “Nest Mobile app” on your smart phone offers all of the control you need to check in.

Lucci Electric is a NEST PRO provider and installer and that brings several benefits to you that you can’t get from “the big box stores” and doing it on your own.  For starters, we offer an exclusive 5-year warranty versus the standard 2 year warranty and we can make it seamless for you from installation as well as train you how to use it.  And if a problem does exist, when you are away, we are here to help.

NEST can bring you more energy efficiency, and peace of mind. It also “connects” with other NEST product such as cameras, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.

In some states (including Connecticut), there are rebates available if you purchase a Smart thermostat (including Nest) and provide proof of purchase.

Check out this NEST Video to better understand how it works and we are here to help make it happen for you.

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