Tired of filling gas cans?   Having a hard time keeping your portable generator running? “Dragging it out of storage to set it up?  An automatic air cooled Generac generator can take care of the essentials during a power outage.

Now you can power your heat, keep your refrigerator and freezer cold and your lights on when the power goes out automatically.

It’s never been easier to monitor your generator.  Generac has launched WIFI monitoring with its latest production.  Now you can customize alerts to make sure your generator is running and stays in tip top shape.  Lucci Electric will also monitor your unit. Should there be an impending storm we can access your generator and give it a check- up. Or if we receive an alert we can assess appropriately. Why wait. Now is the time to install and automatic air-cooled Generac Generator.

If you’ve been thinking about an automatic air cooled Generac generator now is the time. Generac has brought back its 10-year warranty on qualifying air cooled units. Get more peace of mind that your generator is covered under warranty for 10 years. A $995 value included with the purchase and installation of an automatic generator.