Outdoor Lighting Installation:

Warmer days and nights entice us to spend more time outdoors. As you begin to plan landscaping or where to place your outdoor furniture, don’t forget that outdoor lighting design and installation can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful extension of your home. And completely enhance all the other things you do to make your outdoor space enjoyable.

Lucci Electric can design a custom plan for you to bring your outdoors living area to life by making your outdoor lighting magical. From path lighting to up lighting or accent lighting as well as flood lighting, we have the ideas and solutions to illuminate your property and home and truly make your outdoor experience special as well as bringing you peace of mind.

We consider several elements when developing a plan for outdoor lighting installations, including safety (on pathways), security, and pure aesthetics (lighting a beautiful garden, wall, patio or tree).

When planning your outdoor and landscape lighting, we encourage you to think in threes: light something close to the house, something midrange in the yard, and something afar.  This creates interesting focal points when viewed from the house or the street at night. One overlooked benefit of outdoor lighting is that it minimizes the reflection of glass surfaces viewed from inside the house at night. If you install an outside fixture just outside a door, you will be looking beyond the glass reflection.

We also develop our plans with the philosophy that less is more and avoid the mistake of using too much light outdoors. People often think more is better, brighter is better, but outside wherever you create a super bright area you’ve also created super dark areas, and that can be unsafe. It’s better to have low levels of lighting all around. The front door is one of the few outdoor areas where a brighter light is acceptable, with a traditional lighting plan calling for two wall-mounted fixtures flanking the door.

Ask yourself what your purposes are for wanting illumination in your yard. You may wish to set a mood during the evening hours. Maybe you have a bench or a shadowy garden corner you need to illuminate for security reasons. A path leading through the garden may require landscape lighting to mark its boundaries.   Add outdoor lighting, and your outdoor space is immediately transformed into usable space. You might want to highlight some features of your backyard like a water fountain or pond. Flood lights provide security and illumination.

Since paths and areas are on the ground, it makes sense that all path and area lights project downward. And, most of them have some kind of shade or glare guard to prevent the light from shining into people’s eyes. High quality fixtures may be constructed out of brass or copper. Brass and copper have the advantage of better weathering the environment and offer a nice patina after installation.

Our expertise in vision, design and implementation can help you to expand your space with outdoor lighting installation and create a beautiful and safe area that you will enjoy and be proud of.

Recessed Lighting Installations:

If you are looking to update and transform your home, make sure to consider recessed lighting.

A well designed recessed lighting plan and expert recessed lighting installation has shown to be a profitable and enjoyable move. . It can improve the light quality throughout your home, adding efficiency while giving your space a fresh new look.

Recessed lighting is attractive and functional and comes with several benefits; it makes your space look brighter, larger and more modern and these changes can add to the value of your home.  Recessed LED lighting is more economical and once installed can last for up to 25 years.

You will enjoy the benefits of recessed lighting throughout your home and we recommend working with experts as the right fixture and lamp can help maximize the overall effect and impact in any room.

Giving your family room, living room or kitchen lighting a makeover with recessed lighting is a great investment.

Recessed Lighting installation is important in the living/family room, an area of the house where people tend to gather for long stretches of time and engage in an array of activities, including conversation, watching TV, reading, playing board games and using a laptop.

Bookcases, built-ins, fireplaces, or an entertainment unit and even art work can be highlighted with recessed lighting. Adding a dimmer to recessed lighting provides a warm appearance. Recessed lighting is also effective in bedrooms, above the bed on each side with a switch for reading, for general lighting in the room, a closet, or even a workspace.

If it’s time to update your kitchen lights, recessed lighting is ideal for kitchens, and it’s what you’ll find in most new homes.  When determining the number of recessed lights your kitchen needs, think in terms of general lighting and task lighting. General lighting is what provides the overall brightness in the room. Since kitchens require a higher level of brightness than most other rooms of a home, you may need a few more lights or brighter lights than you’d use in other rooms of the same size.

Recessed lighting can provide many special effects throughout your home. For example, it can be installed in a living/family room is to wash the walls with light, which can be accomplished with recessed lighting when it is directed toward the walls.

Illuminating an entry way or hallway with recessed lighting is another way to provide a warm and welcoming effect.

Recessed lighting installation is a simple way to add a modern, streamlined and enjoyable update to your home.  Our expertise can help you make the best decisions as you plan your update and our vast experience will insure a flawless recessed lighting installation.